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Himalayan Shilajit

Manna Shilajit has the most ancient and sacred frequencies ever delivered in an earth and plant based superfood


Due to the biologically active substances and other vital nutrients found in Shilajit, many people have claimed that they have gained energy boosts from taking the substance. Studies have proven that ashless humic acids, associated with humic and fulvic acids, energize the body when ingested. This process energizes cells to help them remain active, even help them remain active, even after long periods without sleep, cellular oxidation and an unbalanced diet.

In one test, albino mice ingested Shilajit. The results were staggering. The mice gained an enhanced physiological energy boost in, of all things, a swimming test. Upon closer analysis, it was determined that Dibenzo-alpha-pyrones (DBP, metabolites that are found in animals and plants) and fulvic acid were the primary contributors to the increased performance.


Shilajit has been reported to contain properties that are adaptogenic and naturally anabolic in nature. Shilajit's makeup is composed of molecular compounds that are low and medium in molecular weight. These include both acylated and oxygenated DBPs within ashless humic acid. These compounds exhibit numerous biological properties that are positive for the body and are hard to obtain from other sources.

Additionally, Shilajit enhances adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production.* ATP is the vehicle that fuels your muscles. As a result, it has been reported that after taking fulvic acid, there has been an improvement in physical performance as well as fatigue relief.*


A balanced diet allows you to obtain the proper amount of electrolytes and other minerals that you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's vital for digestive health, nutrient absorption and metabolic functions.* Though a balanced diet is essential to living a healthy life, there are times when you need more than food to get the nutrients that you need.

Plants offer up a bounty of vitamins and minerals that the human body needs, however there are certain health vitamins and minerals that we can only receive from the plants, which received non-carbon-based minerals from the soil. Plants receive their nutrition from the ground. Humans can fully assimilate nutrition only from plants. If you consume a total of 5-10 plants in your diet, your nutritional intake from these plants will be limited to minerals and biologically active substances from those 5-10 plants. If you consume high-quality, genuine Shilajit, you are consuming naturally occurring minerals, biologically active substances and metabolites from hundreds of plants. Therefore, the health benefits will be greater.

Healthy Testosterone Production*

There are many supplements that claim to support healthy testosterone levels. The problem is that many of these supplements aren't backed by scientific research. When it comes to Shilajit, there is actual research supporting the claim that it has the potential to support healthy testosterone levels.*

In 2010, research gathered 35 test subjects and were given 200mg of shilajit extract for 90 consecutive days. After the results had been gathered, the researchers compared the data from day 1 to day 90. they noted significant outcomes in sperm quality and count as well as testosterone levels. Other results included positive outcomes for hemoglobin and oxidative damage.