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May 27, 2023 3 min read

Manna is a 100% all-natural supplement made for those who want to optimize their physical, mental, sexual, and psychological states…but whose bodies are out of balance due to factors outside their control—namely,modern-day diets and industrialized farming practices.

Conventional farming practices that rely on chemical fertilizers and pesticides have stripped the soil of the beneficial nutrients that get absorbed naturally into the plants that we eat. In fact, the US Department of Agriculture estimates that US crops contain 80% fewer humic and fulvic substances than they did a century ago. 

According to Dr. Beth McDougall, amedical doctor and thought leader in quantum medicine and unified field physics as applied to medicine: “Because of this,even if we eat a healthy, varied diet, we may still not get all of the minerals and other nutrients we need.”

But it’s not all doom and gloom—there are things we can do to bring our bodies back into balance.

“I don’t advocate relying on too many supplements for your nutritional needs, butit’s not always possible to get everything you need these days from diet alone,”says Dr. Beth. “I am a big fan, however, in supplementing with humic and fulvic acids, which supply the most bioavailable minerals on Earth.”

Which supplement does she recommend?

Manna - an incredibly rich mix of humic and fulvic acids containing a highly absorbable family of minerals.

"This is the one supplement that I take every single day, and have done for years, and will never not do this,” says Dr. Beth. “It's my favorite supplement on Earth."

We’ve leveraged a 5000-year-old formula used by the Pharaohs in Ancient Egyptian times to fight and prevent all kinds of illnesses and diseases, stay fit, healthy, and mentally sharp enough to rule for thousands of years — to produce the ultimate nutrient solution that your body needs to be optimally dosed for success.


Natural remedies forbrain health

Manna improves focus, memory function, and overallbrain health.

Manna is enhanced with nootropics and other effective ingredients which naturally aid in the improvement of cognitive function, promote neurological and memory improvements, improve focus, and enhance mental and psychological activities. It also assists in the maintenance of blood, cardiovascular, andbrain health.

Natural remedies for increasing sex drive

Looking for wayshow to increase sex drive? Manna promotes fertility and increases testosterone production in men and hormonal balance for women. 

Manna makes intimate moments more intense and satisfying by providing the bodywith the building blocks it needs to produce vital hormones that promote testosterone production, decrease recovery time after exertion, increase stamina, and aid in fertility.

Natural remedies for anxiety and depression

Wondering how to reduce anxiety and how to manage stress? Manna helps to restore a healthy physical and mental balance.

Our Manna was formulated with you in mind. Not just your physical performance but also your mental and psychological performance. So it doesn’t just increase strength and improve physical balancebut alsotriggers hormones like dopamine that will uplift your mood and restore mental harmony and stability. 

Natural remedies for immunity

Mannasafeguards you with stronger immune protection.

In a world filled with bacteria, germs, and viruses that cause illnesses and diseases, one needs to constantly stay protected with a strong, defensive immune system. This is why our Manna is formulated with rich and essential nutrients thatstrengthen the immune system, providing resiliency to invasion by microorganisms and increasing immune protection.

Natural remedies for energy

Mannafortifies you with an overflow of energy.

Fulvic acid - an essential acid predominant in Shilajit, one of the major ingredients in Manna - attracts electrolytes and trace minerals, and transports them throughout the body which activates better food absorption, speeds up your metabolism, and leaves you with an overall burst of energy.

Our tested formula contains absorbable minerals that detoxify, cleanse and remove waste in various parts of the body, allowing for faster and more efficient nutrient absorption that in turn, promotes the disbursement of energy, keeping you vitalized and constantly nourished for a longer, healthier and active life.