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Manna Vitality (3 Month Supply)


MANNA is redefining the supplement industry.

Your daily source of health, offering a comprehensive blend of nutrients and essential minerals to enhance energy levels, radiance, cognitive function, sexual drive, vitality, and overall longevity.*

1 Box = 30 Sachets = 1 Months Supply

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Manna Ingredients

Nine ingredients with multiple clinical studies.

Your New Morning Ritual

How to Enjoy Manna Vitality

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    Simplicity at First Light

    Begin each morning with Manna Shilajit's single-dose sachet—your gateway to revitalization.

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    Intuitive Indulgence

    Seamlessly blend the potent essence into your favorite morning beverage for a seamless start.

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    Consistent Vitality:

    Embrace the ritual. Daily use unlocks an inner reservoir of energy and wellness.

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    A Manna Morning

    In the quiet morning moments, find clarity and energy with the purest Shilajit.

Expert Spotlight

Endorsed by Visionaries The Vitality Revolution

Join the elite who have discovered the transformative essence of Manna. Celebrated by leading performers, renowned health experts, and trusted doctors, our Shilajit stands as a pillar of peak performance and unrivalled health. These testimonials are not just words—they are affirmations of a legacy, a confirmation that Manna Shilajit is more than a supplement; it's a catalyst for extraordinary life.



When I drink it, I feel like someone just threw the power switch on for all the cells in my body. Look into this stuff. You won't be sorry.



To say that I love this product with every cell in my being would be a massive understatement. There is not one doubt in my mind that this product has changed my life and I trust that it will help millions of others do the same



This is the one supplement that I take every single day, and have done for years, and will never not do this. It's my favorite supplement on Earth.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Manna?

Manna is a combination of the highest quality minerals, amino acids, fulvic andHumic acid and nutrients gathered from both the Earth and the Sea and from the highest point and lowest points on the planet to provide a comprehensive and enhanced mineral therapy and matrix.

What is it used for?

To enhance energy, clarity, longevity, and vitality.  To optimize mineral levels and cellular hydration.  This allows the body to function more as a liquid crystal promoting greater conduction of information throughout the body and greater interaction with the Unified Field.  When the body is in this state it is in greater resonance with its blueprint.

Why should I take it?

Unfortunately, conventional farming practices that rely on chemical fertilizers and pesticides have stripped the soil of the beneficial microbes that create the humic and fulvic acids, which plants absorb. In fact, the US Department of Agriculture estimates that US crops contain 80 percent fewer humic and fulvic substances than they did a century ago.Therefore, even if we eat a healthy, varied diet, we may still not get all of the minerals and other nutrients we need.Overall better health: Manna provides minerals in their most readily absorbable form.Stronger immunity against illness and disease: Manna enhances the cell membrane potential, which is literally the forcefield of the cell. This provides resiliency to invasion by microorganisms. Scientific studies with Shilajit have demonstrated multiple immune enhancing benefits.Beauty, longevity and anti aging: The enhanced intracellular minerals draw water into the cell which decreases the dehydration associated with aging.  Scientific studies with Shilajit have also been shown to increase the expression of tissue specific growth factors and collagen production in the skin.  More connection to self, others and surroundings: Manna enhances information transfer throughout the body and resonance with the energy and information of the Unified field.Vitality and mental clarity: Manna dramatically improves overall energy, memory function and mental clarity. Both animal and human studies with Shilajit have demonstrated cognitive improvements with memory and learning.Restored equilibrium:Manna helps to restore balance and harmony in the body and mind.

How is the Ormus made?

We have a unique process where no chemicals are used to produce the precipitate.We have developed  in-house vortex and magnetic technology to structure and modulate our Ormus molecules.This allows the receptors on the cells to accept the Manna product as the molecules have correct geometry and electrical potential (passcode) to enter.

How do I take it?

We have chosen a single dose packaging option to reduce the risk of contamination, and remove the challenges of working with pure resins, like Shilajit, that can harden when delivered in screw tops or pump applications. Another benefit is that the correct dose is always administered. It is a quick and easy ‘on the go’ solution for our busy lives. Example:“Remove one sachet from the product box which contains 30 sachets. Each sachet is a single, daily dose. Snap the sachet over a glass of water, coconut milk or oat milk and drink daily for enhanced mental clarity, immune resiliency, grounded energy and improved resonance. You can also add it to your favorite chocolate or coffee flavored smoothies.”The single dose packaging is also practical and convenient for taking to work, traveling and sharing with friends. With our current recyclable solution and compostable project it also provides a circular economy and environmentally friendly solution which is a passion for Manna Health.

Is Manna a medicine?

As per FDA law, no company can claim that their product is medicine without years of testing and trials. We can not make medicine/drug claims, even if they were true. Our Manna can certainly be used to greatly improve healthWe combine our premium Shilajit with an advanced mineral matrix, which is mixed and produced using our proprietary vortex technology. This solution and formula targets hydration, cell charge, fluid modulation and connectivity.

What do you mean by Doctor endorsed and who is Dr. Beth?

Dr. Beth McDougall is a medical doctor and a thought leader in quantum medicine and unified field physics as applied to medicine. When asked about whether we’re getting the appropriate nutrients needed from our food, she had the following to say:“I don’t advocate relying on too many supplements for your nutritional needs, but it’s not always possible to get everything you need these days from diet alone. I am a big fan, however, in supplementing with humic and fulvic acids, which supply the most bioavailable minerals on Earth. Humic and fulvic acids are naturally produced in soil when beneficial microbes transform mineral rocks and mineral metals within the earth into activated, organic and ionic cell-ready forms. These acids contain all 74 organic minerals and trace minerals in the appropriate ratios, as well as vitamins and amino acids, in a form that both plants and humans can easily assimilate and utilize.”

How do we know it's safe?

Every batch of Manna is tested in independent laboratories. We test for heavy metals, bacteria, E -coli and any other nasties.We also test to confirm our highly concentrated nutrients are present.Please see the link to our lab results here.

Is it safe for children?


Is Manna dangerous during pregnancy?


Can I have it everyday?

Yes. It’s an all-natural substance, used over thousands of years to restore health and prevent diseases.

Is it vegan?

Yes Manna is 100% organic and vegan. All of the ingredients are earth and sea based minerals, vitamins and nutrients.

How do I store Manna and does it go bad?

Store in a cool dry place and keep from extreme heat.

How long before I know it is working for me?

Every box comes with 30 sachets to be taken over 30 days. The effects of Manna should begin to take place between weeks 3-4. You can try it for a month and see for yourself.

How is Manna different from everything else on the market?

Shilajit & Dead Sea Ormus. Manna Health is combining Shilajit (from the highest place) and Ormus (from the lowest place) for the first time! These 2 complement each other in a very unique way that is unparalleled and unprecedented.Taste - We have a Shilajit and dead sea Ormus that tastes amazing! Delivery – we have an innovative, single-dose, easy to use and sustainable delivery solution.Vortex technology - Structures/ modulates our solution and produces M-state elementsWe offer a higher dosage than competitors, unique and higher quality ingredients sourced from ancient geographical locations, and innovative packaging. We’ve created a circular economy product by partnering with Nature Works and creating the first-of-its-kind multi-layered compossible packaging.Manna ingredients are the source of all other supplements, food and nutrition.

Why should I buy a monthly subscription?

Why not? Put our statements to the test by subscribing for the next 3 months for less than $3 a day or the price of a cup of coffee. This is the shortest subscription that we offer - and a perfect way to get acquainted with Manna. You may prefer to take advantage of a longer subscription for greater results, value and savings. An annual subscription at $888 saves you $168 off the regular price. Our Golden Offer is 3 annual subscriptions so you can improve the health and wellbeing of your family or friends for $2444 - saving you a full $724!